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The International Tattoo Expo Roma started off back in the year 2000 and at that time the idea of a ‘tattoo convention’ was something new in the italian and european panorama.
The ‘sister’ Milano based convention gave the whole thing a start but suddenly an urge for something more was felt especially for all those who lived way too far from Milano.
Earlier this century the tattoo as a form of art was spreading all around in Italy and drawing more and more attention even if it was nothing compared to what it is nowadays worldwide. Our thing worked so hard from day one to make the whole tattoo scene more professional.
More than 20 years of dedication looking forward to a bright future. We are working on many events in 2022 to properly introduce the upcoming International Tattoo Expo Roma and once again we’ll make history in the italian panorama along with some of the most famous Rome based international artists like Luca Mamone, Daniele Cheyenne, Heinz and more.
The Expo will definitely be something more from now on and along with Drago Publishing-our partner in crime in the past editions-we gave light to a new project to spread the tattoo culture and cross new borders taking the whole thing to the origins and focusing on this ‘culture’ with exhibitions and events which featured photgraphers like Estevan Oriol from the US who witnessed the different subcultures strictly linked to the tattoo as a form of art through his eye.
Stay tuned and see you all soon!

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